Even before their debut self-titled album hit the internet, Old Blood was recognized as being “different” among the growing waves of doom / stoner rock bands. Signed sight unseen to DHU Records in Europe after the critically acclaimed release of just two demo tracks on bandcamp, Old Blood showed a push into unique territory in the genre with the addition of crystal clear vocals, keyboards an emphasis on heady grooves and an extensive live stage show featuring beyond the wall of amplifiers. The ultra-dynamic vocals and lyrics captivate listeners and balance the tide of the massive sonic wall of the band. Elements of early ‘70s rock and psychedelia woven into the down-tempo, swing-beat fabric of fuzz laden desert rock come together in what the band refers to as “Acid Doom”.

Old Blood’s debut album was recorded and mixed by Frankie Siragusa at The Lab Studios in Hollywood, CA and mastered by renowned Los Angeles record mastering engineer Mike Wells at Mike Wells Mastering in North Hollywood, CA.

Since the release of the self-titled debut full-length, Old Blood received rave reviews from Rolling Stone, Doomed And Stoned, Doom Charts and the like, and started performing actively on the local, regional and national touring circuit. Old Blood was described by Rolling Stone as “Amy Winehouse jamming with Kyuss at a desert LSD party.” In 2018, the band signed to Wright Records / Sony Music Entertainment / The Orchard, and released a new single, “Enjoy The Devil”, with a stunning music video to boot.

In May 2019, Old Blood amicably parted ways with original vocalist Feathers, who departed Old Blood to pursue other interests, and played her final show with the band on May 10 at Petie’s Place in Tarzana CA. But several weeks prior to Feathers’ departure, Old Blood had already begun working hard behind the scenes, auditioning vocalists, and subsequently rehearsing regularly with the one chosen as the new vocalist. Enter, Lynx.

On June 15 2019, the new chapter of Old Blood officially began, with Lynx making her live performance debut wherein the band played a one-hour headlining set at Callahan’s Irish Pub in Azusa CA. With Lynx at the helm, Old Blood has finished recording a new single called “Bloody Feathers”, which will be released exclusively via the cassette + digital compilation, Metal Assault Mixtape Vol. 1, on August 9.

Be on the lookout for more mesmerizing tunes and spellbinding rituals. There will be Blood!

What the press is saying about Old Blood:

“Sounds Like: Amy Winehouse jamming with Kyuss at a desert LSD party.” – Rolling Stone

“Old Blood Doom!!!!!! A new genre is born!” – Doom Charts

” … a lovely dose of melancholy, weight and psychedelia” – Doomed and Stoned

Old Blood is:
C. Gunner – Guitar
Octopus – Bass
Lynx – Vocals
Diesel – Drums
Stone – Keyboards